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Healthy Meal Plans In Dubai & Abu Dhabi


You've found THE meal plan that delivers calorie controlled REAL food! 

You'll find yourself thinking of each meal as "the best meal yet!" 

It's finally time to get excited again about luxurious thai curries, decadent lasagne, burst-with-flavour acai bowls and food that is not just cooked, but cooked correctly (juicy chicken, tender meat, flaky fish and veggies with a bit of crunch...all as they should be and all within your daily caloric target).

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I'm very strict about my macros, though....png

Good, so are we! Above is a screenshot of what the menu can look like on the app.

You'll be able to choose your favourite meals and the menu is designed to suit your taste no matter how specific your culinary and dietary preferences are.

For example:

- want a high protein ( or low carb / pescatarian / vegetarian option), just tap on it!

- don't like eggs for breakfast? (more of a granola bowl type of person?) , just tap on it! We've always got at least an egg and a sweet (non egg) brekkie option for you to choose from.

- you prefer avoiding wheat (pasta, bread, noodles)? Easy! the menu choices will always have a version where the wheat product is replaced with quinoa, millet, rice noodles etc

- want to cut down on meat? Tap to choose from the veggie options, they are awesome!

- struggling with certain ingredients? Screen the detailed list of ingredients in the app drop down menu when you pick your meals as well as on the meal label when you receive it, so you can always enjoy the food with complete peace of mind. 

- should our app not provide you with what you need, we are always just a whatsapp message away to get everything organised for you!


Best Meal Plans In Dubai

Over 60+ meals to choose from each week!

Browse a whole range of fresh, nutritious meals made to match your diet. 

Check out our  food (and some great offers)!

How Our Meal Plans Work

Personalized Macro Meal Plan In Dubai.jpg


Pick Your Meals

Pick from our delicious and wellness-focused menu of freshly prepared, healthy meals.


Cooked to Perfection

Our gourmet chefs handle the preparation and cooking, allowing you to focus on you.


Heat, Eat & Enjoy

No prep. No mess. Our meals are delivered ready to be heated and enjoyed within minutes.

Healthy Meal Plans In UAE.jpg

#1 Food Delivery Service In Dubai

Fresh Meal Plans Dubai from our kitchen!

Our kitchen creates freshly cooked meals using locally sourced ingredients, which are then delivered to your Dubai or Abu Dhabi doorstep in eco-friendly packaging. This method enables every customer to relish meals tailored to their requirements, promoting both inner and outer well-being.

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